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WHAT, How & why the information is collected and how it is stored
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The personal information, name and email address, is collected directly from the visitor when the visitor submit's the contact form. The personal information is collected for the following purposes:
The name helping to identify the person who has sent the form and email address to respond to their message.
LuovaSielu will receive an email notification to (email provider is Google and it's under their Privacy policy) when someone submit's the contact form. This notification includes the name and email address that's filled in the contact form.
Third parties used in this site
When visitors proceed to third-party social media websites via this site, the site visitor should know that then third-party privacy practices and cookies come into effect. Direct links to third-party websites goes to following:
Social media
Facebook (Visitor proceeds to to view LuovaSielu's Facebook page)
Instagram (Visitor proceeds to to view LuovaSielu's instagram)
Facebook's & Instagrams Privacy Policy​
TikTok (Visitor proceeds to to view LuovaSielu's TikTok)

What are cookies and how they are used
Cookies are short text files that the web server stores on your device. They collect information about how you act as a user on our website. Cookies store your browsing data and improve your user experience through it. Your consent is required for cookies to be enabled.
We use cookies to ensure the functionality of our website and to develop it. In the cookie settings, you can give permission for cookies that collect personal data, and in the settings you can influence the purposes for which we can use the information we collect. It is good for you to know that if you disable cookies, it may limit the functionality of our website, so we recommend accepting cookies.
You can also manage cookies from your browser's privacy and security settings, and you can prevent the registration of cookies by configuring your browser to disable cookies. Listed below are the most common web browsers, whose own websites provide information on the management options they have for cookies.
Mozilla Firefox
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Apple Safari 
Microsoft Edge 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 

LuovaSielu reserves the right to update this privacy policy when necessary. Such situations can be, for example, the implementation of certain additional functions on the site. In connection with updates, we mark the updated date on this page as well as the information to which the change/update applies.
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